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Reflect the dynamics of Contemporary Sculpture

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Page back of the building Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, since January 14, 2009 was different from the existence of new objects in the vicinity. In the court building, visitors can immediately see several sculptures with a variety of styles and materials.

One of the sculpture is the work titled Anusapati Shelter for the Goodhearted, which appears as an object of non-figurative sculptures that look different from other sculptures on display in the same room.

Anusapati create a high object about one meter of wood that resembles a house with a certain gradient, so that looks like an illusion and reflection on the concept of equilibrium (balance). This is an interesting work because it can get out of the convention statues that had been there, both in terms of media or form.

And in fact, throughout the development of contemporary art in Indonesia, not many sculptors who could produce works of sculpture beyond the conventions of this kind of work Anusapati. And this is one of the mirror that reflected the exhibition titled "The Spirit of Interaction" which lasted until February 14, 2009.

Curatorial concept of this exhibition was done by senior sculptor, Dolorosa Sinaga. The basic idea, he took every sculptor who was involved in this exhibition to respond to the gallery space and rear yard building and garden Erasmus Huis. In this way, sculptors are encouraged to interact, both with a space or a medium that he used to work.

In the gallery space in Erasmus Huis, displayed some works are quite fresh and interesting. Karya Abdi Setiawan, a graduate majoring in sculpture artists Faculty of Fine Arts Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta, for example, became one of the work that can bring visitors laughed.

He displays the common people +, a pair of wood-style human statues are realists talk with familiar: a common people and the police figure. The police asked "What is it, why your face is bruised?" The ordinary man replied. "No tau lah, sir. Did I just pass by and then accused thieves."

At the other end of the room, visitors can see the work Titarubi, Vagina Brocade had become part of the film Opera Java Garin Nugroho. This work is in the form of a large cone-like netting made from brocade, surrounded by a half-body statue. The statues were closed Tita with colorful brocade.

Beside him, work with the same material, is a form of appropriation of the legendary work of Michael Angelo, David. The work entitled Surrounding David Titarubi This is the interpretation of the construction of masculinity and femininity are represented in the history of modern art. The original version of this work, to reach nine feet high, on display at the National Museum of Singapore from May to September 2008 last.

The works displayed in the backyard of this building actually has a great potential to "hit" conventions of modern sculpture. Awan Simatupang works, Vertical, for example, shows an interesting approach is far from the monumental impression that we usually feel when confronted with the statue. The work was composed of nine small boxes, about 40x40 inches, is installed through the garden path. Uniquely, each resembling a box in the urban area, surrounded by grass around. Buildings symbolized with thin wooden rod attached rose.

Then, Hardiman Radjab, as usual, still too late to process old suitcases. He put some suitcases that "breathe" on park benches. The work titled Long Journey reflects a pause that always we need in a way, let alone a long journey. Suitcase that has always been a friend in the adventure and included the stories become part of the memorabilia.

Compared with other works in this exhibition, Hardiman succeeded in creating an atmosphere of quiet and poetic, which makes the statue was talking to the visitors. Hardiman the other works seem more contain humor: he made some old suitcases to be similar to the bread sponge. A simple idea but talented.

Several other works are still using the old approach is common in modern statues. They treat heavy materials such as bronze or metal with a conventional manner so as not to show an effort to exceed the bronze as a medium.

The forms are processed was likely "that-that" it: human figures or bodies distorted, new realism model, and the like. Unfortunately, between material selection and processing of these forms, did not seem to want to study the birth of the idea behind these works.

The results became the basis of interaction curatorial idea then was to produce a variety of works. This diversity is, on the one hand, show some different approaches in the development of arts in Indonesia. But on the other hand, because space for artists interpretation is too large, then the works on display were "disconnected" from each other.

Or, in other words, a capability gap with other artists artists, especially in the sculpture reflects the history and the ability to sharpen the idea itself, is too visible.

ALIA Swastika, art observers

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