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Classical Art in Modern Civilization

Angklung is a typical musical instrument sunda community. Along with the development of modern musical instruments, art music angklung increasingly rare in use, so many of us who have forgotten about the angklung.

In the official site mentioned that the Bandung regency angklung comes from the word which means ringing ank and Lung, which means broken or missing. Angklung also be described as incomplete barrel, so angklung can not be played by only one person, but must be with some people.

Angklung made of bamboo, and played by shaken. One angklung can produce 2 to 3 tones for each size angklung.
Angklung born from a myth in the Sunda against Nji Sri Sri Pohaci as a living goddess. In contemplation of Sundanese communities in managing the farm, producing poetry of worship and respect for the Goddess Sri.

Worship poems are accompanied by musical instruments made of bamboo which we know today with angklung. Tribute to Dewi Sri is also accompanied by dance. The cult of the Goddess Sri done when the rice planting and harvest, with the goal of keeping the rice does not grow fast and wreaked havoc.

In angklung development is also used as a tool in the battle penggugah spirit. So that the existing site mentions that angklung was banned during the colonial era, it also results in decreased angklung popularity at the time, and angklung often only played by children.

There are various types of angklung in West Java. Baduy Angklung Angklung is contained in the Bedouin community. Angklung is made not merely as an instrument of public entertainers, but the instrument used only at certain times. Angklung by masyarakt Baduy this can only be played at planting time, but for the next six months angklung and other musical instruments can not be played.

Angklung Dogdog found on the public Lojor Kasepuhan Pancer Pangawinan spread in the area of Mount Mist (Adjacent to the area of Sukabumi, Bogor and Lebak). Dogdog Lojor is actually an art, but art is also used as an instrument Angklung. Once this art is used in planting rice, but have now used as entertainment at the event kiatanan, wedding and other events.

Angklung Gubrag can we meet in Bogor area. Angklung is very old and supposedly this angklung made in a village called Kampung Cipining at pceklik period. Angklung is used at the time of planting rice, harvesting rice, and put the rice into the barn.

Next is the type of angklung Badeng. Angklung is located in Garut district. Angklung Badeng is the main instrument in this art. Angklung is used for entertainment in the message of Islam in Garut. With the expected Badeng art Islamic art developed in the 16th century or the 17th.

Angklung Beans teradapat in Baros, Arjasari, Bandung. Beans is one of Sundanese arts community who use the Angklung. This art uses angklung 2 ovarian, 2 angklung ambrug, angklung panempas, pancer angklung 2, 1 angklung enclok. 3 fruit dogdog then, consisting of 1 talingtit, panembal, and badublag. This angklung originally used in rice planting ritual but around the 1940s, this art as a tool to change public entertainment only.

At this time angklung also not be forgotten by the community just Sundanese. It's just a ritual function as a means of ritual anklung change as a means of entertainment. Angklung now used as a traditional art to entertain tourists. In fact, according to Anis a player in Saung Mang Anklung Ujo, arts entertainment angklung had reached the country, such as Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Angklung also often dikolaborasi with other music. As will be shown at the Nusantara Kemilau 2008, there will be performances collaboration between instruments Rampak angklung with drums, percussion & dj, so the attraction angklung will grow, especially the young generations who will continue pelesteraian traditional music of Indonesia.

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