Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Abstraction process.


Abstraction is a process. There's no way a form of abstract came away without a process of abstraction.


Mengabtraksi can be done in two ways. First to describe its natural form first. Natural form it should be understood to form the character detail and include that form. Further simplification of form is, by eliminating the parts that are not necessary. The process of simplification of form that carried out several stages to achieve the desired form of the essence. Finally, it describes the essence of it. Form still appears occasionally predictable and sometimes not. Being a form that can no longer conjecture that due process of abstraction that was very extreme and far removed (mislead) from naturalnya form. For example, the process of abstraction can be seen a cow made by the painter Theo van Doesburg in eight stages:


The process of abstraction until the sixth stage was predictable object. Ox structure still readable, but on the seventh and eighth object can not be recognized again for his ox structure has undergone a very extreme simplification and the living is the essence of the cow. If the painting is displayed under the title ox then the viewer will be difficult and confused because the ox is known structures are not visible anymore.


Second, the process of abstraction is not realized in the form of images, as was done Theo van Doesburg. Abstraction process conducted in the thoughts and feelings of the artist. It takes place in deep contemplation, meditation can in a short time and can also in a very long time. If maturity has been reached then it will explode into an expression that was unbearable. Line by line, shape for form spontaneously slides until the painting was finished.

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