Sabtu, 14 November 2009

What is Abstract?


The word implies an abstract summary, the core, intangible, noetic, noetic. In connection with copyrighted art, abstract words refer to beings that are not realistic or natural (non-objective, non-representational). Abstract form is a form that does not display the form that we recognize as the form object or objects that we see in daily reality. Abstract form is the form of an artist's imagination. Abstract forms may occur from the refined essence of an artist in search of objects "abstraction; the essential from an object a process in which focusses on the artist's exaggerats the forms of objects for Aesthetics and expressive purpose"? thus said Rathus.


Therefore, the abstract is a form of processed, form of imaginative artists, then his form became unique, because of that we never knew all this. Forms that were never found on earth.


Salahseorang of abstract painting which is world-famous Picasso. Picasso processing of natural forms into cubes as the essence of form. Therefore known as the pioneer Picasso kibisme flow. One of Picasso's famous painting is Guernica, which is now collected the Museum of Modern Art in New York. .

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