Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Traditional Art



Traditional art, can be called folk art is an art form produced by a particular culture by the common people, workers or other people. Traditional art created primarily for the purpose, more than aesthetics. Traditional art usually only refers to a particular culture and differ from one another, although sometimes can be just because of the influence of culture. The diversity of geographical location and diversity of traditional arts is not possible to describe it as a whole.


Increasingly disappearing traditional art because of modernization, industrialization or outside influences. It is regarded as a phenomenon for a particular circle.


Special features

- Distinctive nature, between the culture with each other differently

- Prioritize usability, more than aesthetics

- Considered naive because it ignores the rules of art

- Impulsive, only the spontaneity of it

- Not affected the flow of academics and scope of pure art

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