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Media said the dance is motion. Dance movement is a movement which was refined and given the aesthetic elements. Movement in dance serves as a medium to communicate a certain purposes of the choreographer. The beauty of dance lies in the form of satisfaction, happiness, either from choreographers, visual aids and audience or spectators.


Basic competence in learning the art of dance includes the basic and advanced practice in the mastery of dance including traditional dance and dance filmed, the ability to understand the direction and purpose the concept of choreography choreographer in the group. The ability to understand the work of dance (choreography) is a special skill associated with sensitivity of choreography, on the other hand are expected to have the sensitivity to understand the aspects of dance and technical aspects of beauty. As the adjustment of the modern age, the ability to understand and create multimedia devices to do with dance is a form of adjustment of human resources in the adaptation to technology. Embodiment of cultural expression through movement and tied imbued cultural values into the basic or standard benchmark measures to be studied to dance the dances of other regions in Indonesia. As one of the most important elements in the Indonesian art in the form of the performance of motion, need for social and spiritual life of the community supporters. The role and function of dance was so important until now at the top of the area has become a symbol of art and dance as a cultural peak in the region concerned. Type of dance that has become the top local culture very closely and use it as a favored dance area. in which the dance originated.


Diverse dance community inherited both regions in Indonesia, the sacred and the secular, traditional or nontraditional. Forms of dance from prehistoric times to modern times, the product of a certain age to help the history of dance in order to grow, flower until the end of time. The art of dance requires motion media. Pure motion or Wantah not have specific purposes. Maknawi motion has meaning specific purposes and if built with elements of beauty, then dance the more subtle, aesthetic, and motion own the building revealed the expression of the human form to be enjoyed. The art of dance has been influenced by the dynamism and animist beliefs. Therefore, since ancient times the dance have a central role in the function of religious life. The role of dance in the ceremonies associated with the means and goals involved in a ceremonial procession or ritual religion. Pass dance forms and traditions nontradisi. Nature-magico-ritual functions are affected animism dynamism capable of being a central force in any religious ceremony. In the process, traditional dances in the end leaving a new performing arts and innovative through dramatari Prembun, until Ballet artistic type who was born in modern times. In a dynamic modern society, the presence of the art of dance requires the presence of good dancers, dance teachers are professionals, and the thinkers who can formulate the future of dance in proportion. Therefore, some things should be noted regarding the mastery of dance technique in order to qualify as a professional dancer.


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