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In today's art was very influential on the development of science and technology. We can not be separated from the name of art, without the art of living we would not be beautiful, because art is supporting the establishment of beauty. For example, a house, without any sense of beauty, the house in which we live today will be old having a certain model. Likewise with the current technology is developed, must be supported by the arts. Examples are motors, old motor with the current must have a different model. Surely that is now better than the first. this is kind of art which I will explain in general:


Kinds Art

1. Arts


Fine art is one branch of art. Has a form of art must be and remain that way by using the element as one of the classified form in the form of drawings, painting, sculpture, graphics, crafts, craft, and multimedia.


Basic competencies to be achieved is the visual arts field includes the ability to understand and painting work, the ability to understand and make the statue, the ability to understand and graphic work, the ability to understand and make handicrafts, and the ability to understand and work or create a multimedia facility. Terminology in the basic skills defined as someone who could master the field change so beauty .


Art rooted start time animism and dynamism to millennium era. Art became one of the branches of a per formative art presenting a visible manifestation. Illusion of being able to be absorbed and classification felt in the form as noted at the top. The representation of art forms considered synergistic ally through the media event that is used as the basis for the realization of the form. In contextual art is a form of mediation which form near invisible to the symbol image, painting, sculpture, crafts and multimedia craft. elements associated with the arts branch.


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