Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Javanese traditional music



various kinds of traditional musical arts in Indonesia, with the creativity of the people of Indonesia to the Republic of Indonesia is a country covering thousands of islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke, where from so many islands and its people are born, grow and develop various cultural areas. Which is the traditional art of identity, identity and expression of community media supporters. with the existence of this culture is famous for its art of Javanese culture and traditional music.


Almost all regions have Homeland traditional music special and unique. From the uniqueness can be seen be seen from his playing techniques, presentation and form / organological musical instruments. Traditional art itself has a high spirit of collectivity, which can recognize characters and characteristic of Indonesian society, namely the famous friendly and polite and gentle manner to anyone.


To learn more about traditional music closer we can be categorized into several groups:


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