Sabtu, 14 November 2009

kinds of dance in Indonesia


1. Typical east Javanese dance

- reog ponorogo.

Reog stories contained in reog ponorogo take Panji stories. The story revolves about the journey of King Kelana Sewandana hero find the girl, accompanied by horsemen and loyal patihnya, Bujangganong. When the choice of the king's daughter falls in Kediri, Dewi Sanggalangit, the goddess gives the condition that he would accept his love when the king was willing to create a new art. So reog ponorogo created. Movements in dance reog ponorogo describe the doings of man in life's journey from birth, life, to death. Very deep philosophy.


- Remong dance

Remong dance, a dance from Surabaya which symbolizes the soul, heroism. Danced at the time greeting guests.

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