Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Art Theater

Basic competence in art theaters include the ability to understand and work the theater, the ability to understand and create the script, the ability to understand a role in the casting ability to understand and create a setting or performing technical layout of the stage and creating the atmosphere as enhancements in charge of the theater arts.


On the other hand, the ability to understand to play outside of himself is a special command that must be controlled technically in the theater work. The ability to understand and create infrastructure-based multimedia equipment is the actual approach of a playwright must excel in connection with the presentation of technology-based theater. Theater arts as an integral part of the media arts have expressed in the form of voice acting. Way or the technique he prefers the creation of casting, carriage, diction, intonation, setting the larynx and pharynx is consistently an important part of the incarnation of the profession must poss


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